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Talha Siddiqui, MD

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Interventional pain management (IPM) is a special area of medicine that uses injections and minor procedures to help patients control their pain. Interventional pain management specialists are trained to diagnose and treat pain-related conditions, and their goal is to improve patients' overall quality of life by helping them reduce their pain.

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Tel: 571-2579580, 571-2579426 Fax: 571-257-9839 There is no need to live with pain
Expert diagnosis and treatment
When you￿re referred to Dr. Siddiqui, you benefit from an entire team working toward a single goal￿to ease your pain. Your caring team includes an anesthesiologist, physiatrist, psychologist, physical and occupational therapist and nurse. Consultations are available with a variety of specialists, including a psychiatrist, substance abuse counselor and dietician.

Individualized care and attention
Your pain management team keeps you involved and informed every step of the way. We help you evaluate your goals, then design an individual treatment plan just for you. The team will monitor your progress throughout treatment to make sure you￿re healing like you should. The team is dedicated to helping you and will work around your schedules to make sure that all of the goals in the pain management process are met despite your busy schedule.

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